Everson's LodgeEverson's Lodge was build in 1967 on Kabinakagami Lake (also known as Big Kaby Lake).

Auk and Mickey Everson built their 9 cabins and dining lodge right on the middle point of the lake which is a main spawning ground for fish. They would later sell the lodge to their nephew Richard. Everson's Lodge was family owned until 2009 when it was sold to another party but remained under the same operating name.

Richard & Rosalie and Robert & Stephanie Watson then purchased the lodge in April 2013 and renamed it Windy Point Lodge. Fishing continues to be great on both sides of the point and especially right off the dock.

Over the last few seasons our family and employees have been hard at work doing a complete remodel of all the cabins, main lodge, boats and motors. Bringing this lodge back to it's glory days. We are proud to now offer both American and Housekeeping Plans, a government approved water filtration system, 24 hour electricity and so much more.

The Watson family is now into their 3rd generation of hosting guests who love to experience Northern Ontario fishing and hunting on Kabinakagami Lake at it's very best, since 1946.