Kabinakagami Lake marks the beginning of the Arctic Watershed. Known to the Indians as "Lake of Many Bays," it's location and scenery offers relaxation that's completely isolated from the turmoil of daily life. Every day you'll be surrounded by the natural beauty and habitat of Moose, Bear, Beaver, Bald Eagles, Osprey, and Loons. A wonderful adventure for the whole family.

Two navigable rivers plus several small streams feed the lake. For your wilderness journey, follow the Kaby River to Chipmunk Falls and embark upon the breathtaking beauty and sound of a wilderness unspoiled. Or, after a peaceful lunch on the shores of Whitefish Bay, continue on into Hidden Lake, a good place to spot moose on the shore, amidst the fragrant spruce and cedar, or swimming in the cool waters.

Be sure to bring a camera to capture the highlights of your shore lunch. Freshly-caught fish sizzling in the pan, and the quiet company of beavers and loons are peaceful memories that linger long after the day retreats.

What better way to spend your summer. Come for a weekend, or stay for a week. Our packages are flexible enough for any outdoor person. We even have family package prices!  Contact Us for details.

We have wildlife viewing stands, great for photographers.