Depending on whether your are visiting Watson's Windy Point Lodge for a Hunting or a Fishing excursion, ensuring you are packed with the essential gear, is an important component to a successful adventure. It's good to always have reliable rain gear, sun block, and don't forget your camera.

One of the main factors that has to be considered while you plan and pack for your trip is the weight of the clothes / food / drinks / gear you are bringing with you as it is a fly-in trip, there is only so much room on the plane!

For fishing, it is always good to have a couple rods, and a good variety of lures depending on what you are going for.

Walleye like to bite on bright coloured jig heads topped with minnows, worms or rubber tails. Rapalas are great for the larger fish. Trolling, drifting, jigging or casting can all work, depends on the day.

For Northern Pike, you can pretty much cast anything, all depends on what will make them strike. These large fish can weigh in excess of 20 pounds and over 46 inches. Spoons, bucktails, and top water crank baits are the top picks.

Windy Point Lodge also offers a store on site. There you will find live bait, fishing lures, snacks, drinks, souvenirs, everyday essentials and so much more.

Shore lunch boxes are also available at no cost to guests that include all cooking equipment and utensils. Extra cost applies for food items such as flour, oil, canned goods etc. Please ask the lodge for more information upon arrival.